St. Luke's Anglican Church
Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic States

Worship in the Traditional English Manner
 since 1988
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You're invited to worship at

St. Luke's,
a traditional Anglican Church
faithful to the Historic Book of Common Prayer
and employing the Authorized King James Bible for all Liturgical Services.

Please feel free to contact Fr. Jeffrey Edmunds, the Rector,
with any questions you might have. 
Church Office: 540-371-8405 
This week at Saint Luke's on the hill!

7 August 2022, Transfiguration (transferred) 
10:00 am 

Sunday School is available for children after Morning Prayer on Sundays.

Join us after the service for refreshments. 
Confession, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, is always available. Contact the Rector for an appointment. 

Congratulations Fr. and Mrs. Edmunds on your 40th Anniversary!